We offer tailor-made services, this is an oversight.
Please contact us with what you need.

Market Expansion

Expansion and growth is essential for a company or a brand. With us you will be given the opportunity to do just that.

Investments & Opportunities

If you are looking for an investment or another business partner/opportunity, we can help you, with our wide portfolio of investors and network.

Brand & Company Representative

It is expensive to travel with hotels, flights and transportation. That is why we offer brand and company representative.

Distribution, Warehouse, Logistics

We have contracts with distribution services and logistic functions, and our own warehouse where we can help your products to be stored and delivered to the requested location.

Business to Government

With our connections in the government in the Middle East, we will be able to set up meetings for a possible contract. This service foremost to the gulf-countries.

Company Setup & Bank Account

When you feel that you want to expand your company, not only brand, we will help you setup a company and bank account.

Customs Clearance

Your products will be needed to get through the customs. We will make sure that all documentation checks out correctly and inform you the rules that come with getting your products into the specific country.

Product Registration

Most countries in the market we provide you to expand in reqiure product registration, and most of them you will need a company in that country. We will register your products correctly.

Property Investments

If you are interested in property investments in the Middle East, we will make sure that you are satisfied with your investment and that all documentations are correct.

Translation Services Swedish- English-Arabic

To get your products customs clear and registering them will mean you have to translate them accordingly to the law. SweNetic will help you with that.


Expanding abroad means new territorium and different laws. We have the legalteam to make sure to notify you your rights and that all contracts / agreements are correct according to the law.