We help European businesses, investors or traders wishing to expand into the Middle East markets and likewise Middle East businesses, investors or traders to Europe. With offices in Stockholm, Glasgow, Dubai and Shenzhen. SweNetic International offers sustainable business opportunities while not failing to compromise on safe trade and customer satisfaction, providing services in the fields of product market expansions, manufacturer sourcing, purchase, distribution and investment consultancy with our wide portfolio of foreign and domestic markets.

Our clients range from SME’s to multinational enterprises. Thus, we rely on good communication with our customers, offering tailor-made services.

In a nutshell, we achieve with you, a creative process for brilliant solutions.


We rely on good communication, hence we have 5 unique and well thought out core values.

Our core value; HEART

  • Humble

  • Empathetic

  • Adaptable

  • Remarkable

  • Transparent

At SweNetic, each team member is expected to be a problem solver.
While employees need to work together to achieve their goals, there are few requirements for how they get from A to B. In combination with "No Door policy" - everyone in the company has access to data. SweNetic professionals get the resources and autonomy they need to have a lasting impact.

The information that employees have access to includes things like: the economy, such as the company's performance and bank statements, presentations and other material used during board meetings, the security used for management meetings in all teams, information on the long-term strategy and market outlook,
Many of these are topics that "average" companies are trying to hide. It's easier for unscrupulous characters to take over the organization when no one can find out the facts.

SweNetic is different: We embrace transparency. Only legally privileged information and personal data (such as individual compensation) are kept off the radar. At SweNetic, everyone contributes and everyone sees their work reflected in the final product. It promotes a greater sense of buy-in and accelerates career growth.


We are always looking for new and exciting coworkers, send your CV and letter to us at: info@swenetic.com